One of the most atmospheric marquees that offers an incredibly generous amount of space with just a few moves. The Chapiteau is ideal as a marquee or as a temporary bad weather protection on occasions. The individual side walls can be separated individually and can be re-hooked within a few minutes if the weather changes. The Chapiteau is an attractive, yet inexpensive variant of a party or theater tent.



A round chapiteau is a 12eck tent supported by one or two center poles and 12 outdoor poles. We distinguish between two types. There is the classic Chapiteau and the round arch tent also called Arc-Chapiteau. The side walls can be individually suspended in both types and depending on the weather you can create the desired room atmosphere. By forming a roof extension, an oval chapiteau can easily transform into a round tent.


The ideal size can not be set overall. There is always the question, what are your needs and for what occasion do you need a chapiteau.

Chapiteau round


Floor plan aroundside heightmedium heightroom area
Ø 6 m2.30 m4.20 m 28 sqm
Ø 8 m2.30 m4.85 m 50 sqm
Ø 10 m2.50 m5.70 m 78 sqm
Ø 12 m2.50 m6.40 m 113 sqm

Chapiteau oval (with extension)

Floor plan ovalside heightmedium heightroom area
6 9 x m2.30 m4.20 m 49 sqm
8 12 x m2.30 m4.85 m 82 sqm
10 15 x m2.50 m5.70 m128 sqm

Arc Chapiteau round - round arch tent


Floor plan aroundside heightmedium heightroom area
Ø 10 m2.70 m5.90 m 78 sqm
Ø 12 m2.70 m6.60 m 113 sqm

Arc-Chapiteau oval - round arch tent (with extension)


Floor plan ovalside heightmedium heightroom area
10 15 x m2.70 m5.90 m 128 sqm
12 18 x m2.70 m6.60 m 185 sqm



In all tents, it is advantageous if they stand on a level natural soil. Because of its exceptional mast height, it is ideal to build on an open ground with few trees or lines. If you would like to build the chapiteau on a hard court, we would be pleased to advise you on the possibilities of anchoring.

  • How many people would I like to place standing, sitting?
  • Is there a nature or hard court available?
  • Does the location have enough space for the anchorages?
  • For which occasion do I need the tent?
  • Do I want to use the tent elsewhere?


The Chapiteau is easy to set up with little effort and is ideal for parties or events where a lot of space is needed. The free interior space offers plenty of space for banquets, stages, maneuvers and more. Chapiteaux are very suitable for temporary use as weather protection for your event.

  • Private parties
  • events
  • Concerts and theater
  • Catering
  • Courses and seminars
  • dance events
  • Wedding parties
  • Exhibitions


outer shell

  • Tent cover of your choice
  • Sidewalls with durable PL bottom finish
  • Color Nature, not colored
  • iron pegs
  • Side tensioner
  • ropes
  • Packsacks made of tent fabric
  • repair fabric
  • Assembly instructions with pictures


  • side bars
  • 1-2 center masts
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