The new Zeltwelt-Team

Zeltwelt takes new steps

After the official handover of Tomas Beco Senior to the younger generation, a new one is now set Zeltwelt Team together to continue enriching the world with natural tents!

It is a great privilege to be able to take on such a successful business. We are very much looking forward to this new section and are excited to see what will develop from it.

An extraordinary, strong season and the steadily increasing demand for natural tents prompted us to hire another employee. Pascale Dufner is the former apprentice of Yves and enriches them Zeltwelt with fresh ideas. He knows that Zeltwelt good and has sporadically helped us out over the past two years. Now it was time to officially enter the Zeltwelt Take in family so that action can follow all the exciting ideas. Larger projects are planned, such as the platform "». Zeltwelt will therefore be even more networked and present in Switzerland. We are excited to see where it will lead us and will be happy to report on it in more detail.

The new team from Zeltwelt

Selina Beco, Management (left in the picture)

Zeltwelt Advice, customer service, support, accounting

Has been with us since 2014 and was able to learn a lot about the world of tents alongside Tomas Beco. She discovered her business acumen and passion for accounting, but sees her real strength in customer service and advice. As a former seamstress, she has a certain understanding of material and manual skills.

«Zeltwelt means for me a lot to be outdoors in nature, to be able to work independently, to divide up my time according to my nature and to get to know a wide variety of people. Every tent is different, every time a tent is set up, a group has to find a new one and we often leave the field as friends. The natural tents magically connect. »

Yves Beco, Managing Director (on the right in the picture, with daughter Ellie)

Zeltwelt Consulting, support, marketing

He has supported the Zeltwelt also in the background. It was his idea to create a new website and delivers beautiful pictures through his photography. He became a father in 2017 and wanted to devote himself to new, more meaningful tasks. He quit his regular job and went full-time Zeltwelt with a. Yves is an asset to marketing and brings Zeltwelt state-of-the-art technology and social media. The physical work outside in the fresh air suits him. There is nothing better for him than one Zeltwelt Order to combine with an excursion into nature.

«Zeltwelt means for me to get to the most beautiful places in Switzerland. Discover new places and get to know exciting people. It is a privilege for me if the work can be combined with a private excursion. So work is an enrichment for life. »

Pascal Dufner (in the middle of the picture)

Marketing, social media, development support

A young dynamic guy who has always loved Zeltwelt. Now he is officially an employee and can contribute his ideas. Go with him Zeltwelt further into the future and thanks to his experience in marketing and design, Yves receives support for larger, planned projects such as «». Pascal will enrich the world of tents in his own way. We are very excited to see what will result from this cooperation.

«Zeltwelt means for me, a family team, fantastic products, breathtaking places and warm, interesting customers. For Zeltwelt I would like to develop and am looking forward to an exciting and educational time. »

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