The world of the yurt


We would like to show you a few worlds that can be reached with a yurt. Our customers were the greatest inspiration for this and provided the necessary ideas for this entry.
Thanks a lot for this!


It is no longer enough just to serve good food to attract guests. In the catering sector, more and more attention is paid to offering guests a kind of adventure world. The yurt is ideal for this. It is amazing how easy it is to implement a modern implementation in a yurt, for example in winter as a fondue chat or a warm place to stay for guests. It doesn't take much to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere in a yurt. A couple of comfortable armchairs, a warm fire in the oven and you can relax with a glass of wine and a plate of tapas.

The latest concept on this topic that we are excited about is a tea house yurt in Prague! For this purpose, a 9m yurt was converted into a tea house with a kitchen and everything that goes with it. This concept was worked out by our production company and can now be obtained from us, including furniture.



Yurt TCS inside_Zeltwelt. Ch

As you may have already noticed, this summer we were allowed to set up our yurt for test purposes at the TCS campsite in Solothurn. It was our first “glamping” yurt that we had put together especially for this project. Despite the development potential, our test phase ended successfully.

The topic of “glamping” is becoming more and more an issue in Switzerland too. According to our research, a yurt as an overnight option is already very popular in Switzerland and is also possible in a few places. With a room almost as large as a hotel room, simple to luxurious overnight rooms can be created.


There are always people who, even in our part of the world, decide to live in a yurt. But whoever thinks it is uncomfortably gloomy and only for die-hard nature freaks is mistaken. The yurt offers great comfort, warmth and a pleasant feeling of space. Whether it's a way back into nature, away from today's materialism, which so strongly shapes our society, or the yurt is expanded as a luxury model, with a kitchen and everything that today's demand for comfort demands. The yurt is patient and manages the balancing act between the worlds of tradition and modernity.


Most people find the round shape of a yurt very pleasant. A yurt alone does not heal a person, but he feels safe and secure in a yurt. A protected environment is important for a healing process of any kind. We experience a great deal of interest from natural healers who use a yurt as a therapy room.

Despite its recognizable shape as a Mongolian nomad tent, it remains neutral inside the room and can be themed according to your personal wishes through the furnishings. It is the spaces that are transferred to people and inspire.


For example, a school has a problem with space or is looking for new forms for a classroom. We find a yurt as a classroom a great solution and are always happy to support such projects!

Gathering in a circle and sitting around a stove creates a very different atmosphere than in a normal classroom. Everyone can look each other in the eye while speaking, dialogues take place in a more respectful environment and attention is directed to the inner, the center. The teachers are no longer just the focus of the lesson, they integrate themselves into this circle of the entire class and thus become part of it. Sitting in a round room not only promotes respect, but also strengthens a feeling of togetherness.

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