The Zeltwelt-Family is looking for a new home

Zeltwelt is looking for a new place of business and residence

We from Zeltwelt, a small, established family business, are looking for a new location in Diessenhofen TG after a good 20 years, where we can settle down with business and as a family and where we can fulfill our desire for working and living in close contact with nature. 

Type of property:
A detached farmhouse or country house where quiet commercial activity is permitted would be ideal. A prerequisite is sufficient natural change for our tent exhibition, as well as sufficient storage space in the form of a barn or similar for a dry material and rod storage. As an alternative, a plot of land with a building land reserve would also be an option, so that we could build our own warehouse accordingly.

If the size and location of the property would allow it, we are also toying with the idea of ​​building a small tent village. We can imagine using such a tent infrastructure in a cooperation, such as with crèches, nature schools or making it available for seminar rooms or overnight stays. 

The condition of the property is secondary for the time being, as we do not need a high standard of construction. We would be quite capable and motivated to lend a hand ourselves to further enhance the property. We also have the option of adding one or more yurts to the living space as needed.

We wish for a place close to nature in German-speaking Switzerland. With our business, we would basically be location-independent, since we are on the road with our activities throughout Switzerland.

For us, a purchase, long-term rental, hire-purchase or lease would be conceivable.

Our business is constantly growing and the warehouse offer and the space for goods handling at the existing location will soon be exhausted. In addition, the desire for more peace and quiet, as well as opportunities for more independent design of business and private premises is growing. So we would be ready to move on more or less "immediately", but the right property determines the point in time.

About Zeltwelt

Zeltwelt is a 30-year-old, second-generation family business specializing in the sale of traditional natural tents with history and tradition. 

E-Mail: info@zeltwelt. Ch
Telephone: 052 657 58 58

If you know of anything that might meet our needs and desires, please let us know. We are open to many things and grateful for every tip! 

The Zeltwelt-Family – Selina, Ellie and Yves

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