The Zeltwelt Family keeps growing ...

The Zeltwelt Family keeps growing ...

Zeltwelt has been successful in selling natural tents and a classic family business for many years. The company was founded by Tomas and his brother Pavel. After that, Tomas and Bibi performed Zeltwelt about 20 years continue successfully.

In the last three years experienced Zeltwelt a makeover. With the daughter-in-law Selina 2014 entered the next generation in the family business. Now Yves, son of Tomas and Bibi will be part of the Zeltwelt Family and supports our team since the beginning of the season actively with.

Yves Beco comes from the field of graphics and marketing and has been making a significant contribution to the website for a few years now. He developed the concept of the new website for us, which in the meantime earned us a lot of praise. As a hobby photographer, he also enriches the website with many wonderful pictures. Now it was time for him to finally give up his office job and officially join Zeltwelt to tackle with.

With his background he completes our operation perfectly and has been 1 since. March 2017 for that Zeltwelt Team has become an important support.

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