Directly from the customer | 5m yurt complete with floor for sale


A customer is offering his insulated yurt with a wooden floor. The yurt has a diameter of 5m and the outer material is made of TenCate Campshield Material. In addition, the yurt was equipped with a dome and door with a window. There is also a lateral chimney opening.

The yurt was ordered from us in spring 2018 and set up in May. The yurt stood in a wooded piece of land, surrounded by trees. It was dismantled after 1.5 years.

Asking price CHF 9 (New value approx. 15.-)

Zeltwelt only helps with arranging the tent. Further information, images or questions about the sales price and collection must be discussed directly with the customer:

Joachim Schwab
T: 079 595 96 11

Outer tent: The outer shell, especially the roof, has an algae infestation and has become quite green as a result. Wall and roof therefore definitely need cleaning and a new impregnation. However, the material is still intact and without holes and should be representative again after cleaning.

Isolation: The insulation got a few stains from the moisture and was attacked by mice in winter. It has a few small holes and spots, but is intact and does not smell!

Inline: Has been washed and is in a clean condition.

Construction: Is in good condition with no damage. The original door frame is still in its original packaging. The door was professionally made to fit by a carpenter. The additional door frame was made of larch wood and the door itself is made of a three-layer panel. The window (insulating glass) in the door provides additional light. The door is lockable and 2 keys are available.

Accessories: The crystal dome has been cleaned and is in perfect condition. A side chimney socket is also included and still in its original packaging. The original door frame is also available.

Ground: The floor was professionally made from spruce wood in a carpentry workshop. It consists of five elements.
- 1x a square element 2 x 200cm
- 4x various elements H = 157cm L = 360cm


However, the floor needs some restoration. Rudimentary knowledge of the craft sector is an advantage for this. 6 new floor boards to change are given free of charge.


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