Rent a Versaille tent



The rented tents are to be purchased and returned from the warehouse in Diessenhofen. 

Rental price CHF 990.00 | for 1-3 days

Rental price CHF 1 | for 640.00 week

All prices are incl. 8% VAT.

If interested 


The natural-colored Versaille has a base area of ​​6x9m and is ideally suited as a weatherproof marquee for any event. This tent is not suitable for hard courts!


The construction consists of 14 side poles which are anchored in the natural ground with tensioners and iron pegs. The roof is spanned by two divisible central masts. The interior offers a very generous space and enough space for a few banquets. The side walls can be used individually depending on the weather conditions.

For the construction it needs a small ladder and a big hammer. A little manual skill is an advantage, then the construction succeeds in twos and is done within about 3h.


All of the material can be transported with a medium-sized vehicle and roof rack. The packing volume consists of 14 side poles, 4 partial masts and metal bushings, two large fabric sacks with a roof and side walls and a sack with the remaining accessories.


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