A yurt as living space?


There are more and more nature loving people with the desire to live in a yurt. The yurt works quite well as a simple dwelling, holiday accommodation or to expand its habitats in nature. The round shape and the appealing design let many dive into a world, away from the hustle and bustle of modern times.

With the materials available today and the right equipment, a yurt can be inhabited year-round. In order to get closer to his dream of "yurt as living space", we have put together some information here.

Where should the yurt stand?

A well-chosen parking space is crucial for a long lifespan the materials! Therefore, it is advisable to choose the exact environment. An ideal place is flat and open on all sides. The yurt should not be built under trees or too close to bushes. Avoid shady, swampy and moist depressions completely. If the terrain is uneven or sloping, we recommend building a podium for the yurt.

What should the yurt stand for?

In a Wohnjurte a wooden floor is of course an advantage, whether this addition should be isolated depends on the needs and requirements of the customers.

If possible we recommend to build the wooden floor by yourself. If you can not believe it, you can build the floor or the pedestal of a carpenter or carpenter nearby. For ecological reasons, it makes sense to use your own resources nearby. Although we can offer finished floor elements, this always requires a surface prepared by the customer.

Does a yurt need a building permit?

We are often approached on building permits for Wohnjurten. Each community governs such matters differently, so we can as Zeltwelt unfortunately no reliable information!


Basically, a yurt runs as a nomad tent under Fahrnisbau. As soon as it is equipped with a permanent substructure such as a pedestal or wooden floor, we move in a gray area. So if you want to leave your yurt for a long time, you should inquire in advance at the respective community, as the provisions are in the appropriate place. But as is often the case in life, "no claimant - no judge" applies.

What equipment do I need?

If you want to live in a yurt all year round, you probably can not avoid isolation. However, we believe that isolation is not essential for occasional use or holiday accommodation. With a wood stove you can reach in a yurt of medium size, even in the deepest Winter a cozy warmth. The temperature in a tent never sinks below freezing. Insulation helps to store the heat and in summer it keeps the heat from outside. The disadvantage is the resulting dark interior.

What design options are there?

A yurt is tailored to the needs of our customers. It always raises the question of the purpose and of course the budget. An isolated Wohnjurte can be equipped differently. Depending on the options, choose a simpler basic equipment such as a central fireplace socket and a wooden door with window or perhaps a luxury variants with a skylight dome, wall-high windows and side fireplace systems. A lockable door is often required by the Wohnjurten standard.


How much care does the yurt need?

With a fixed installation, we deprive the yurt of its original nomadic background. Thanks to new materials, such as the Tencate Tent fabric, a permanent installation in our latitudes is possible. However, this material should also be periodically monitored and observed. Who one Facial Cleansing and If required, priming or impregnation. occasionally will increase the life of the shell and have long enjoy its yurt.

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