Rent a bazaar market stall


The rental tent is available from the warehouse Diessenhofen and return.

Rental price CHF 330.00 | for 1-3 days

Rental price CHF 500.00 | for 1 week

All prices are incl. 7.7% VAT.

If interested 


The natural-colored 4-cornered bazaar with a floor plan of 3 x 3m is a very practical market tent with a self-supporting construction.

The main entrance can be opened completely and the two side walls can also be tied to the side. This enables individual adaptation to the corresponding environment and weather conditions. There are also loops under the canopy so that the roof can be rolled up completely in tight spaces.

The market driver enables the goods to be optimally presented. The side walls are constructed slightly inclined. In the lower area there is space for supplies or warehouse goods. The cross struts of the construction allow many decoration options.

Thanks to the self-supporting construction, it can be set up on any hard court and requires minimal bracing. The construction consists of a simple plug-in system for quick and easy assembly.


The entire material can practically be transported with a medium-sized vehicle and the packing volume weighs approx. 75 kg. It consists of rods, metal bushings, a fabric sack with an outer cover and the rest of the accessories.


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