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The yurt is the typical dwelling of Mongolian nomads. The open and circular space offers a unique atmosphere that enchants.


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The Mongolian yurt is a simple but ingenious nomad tent. Yurts still play an important role in Mongolia today. Not only the nomads, but also a large part of the urban population live in such a dwelling for at least a few months a year.

  • generous living space
  • heated with wood stove
  • year-round use
  • fast assembly and dismantling
  • small pack size
  • easy transport

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Zeltwelt is fundamentally committed to a world that lets nature remain. This mainly includes the use of natural materials such as wood and cotton. All of the material comes from Europe and all of our fabrics are refined, impregnated and treated against mold and are therefore ideally equipped for outdoor use.


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When you buy a yurt, there are different considerations for the accessories. Would you like to heat it or see it from a window into the garden? Do you want a wooden door with a lock instead of a fabric door? We can offer you almost everything. See more under Accessories or let us advise you.


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The basic shape of the yurt has hardly changed since Genghis Khan's time. The yurt serves the Mongolian nomads as mobile accommodation and therefore stands for a culture of mobility. In its facility it reflects the social and spiritual order of the people living in it. Each family member is assigned their area of ​​activity and place in the yurt.

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Because your needs are paramount with us, you determine the price with the desired equipment for your personal yurt. Therefore, we do not quote prices on our website, but we will send you our documentation on request. All our prices are listed there including VAT.

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