"The yurt is one of the grandest and most durable architectural structures in the home decor of humanity."
Source: Chingis Aitmatov

The Mongolian yurt is still used as a nomad tent in Mongolia as a dwelling today. It can be easily assembled and disassembled and can be packaged relatively small, that usually only a small SUV or trailer is needed for transport. We sell yurts specially developed for our latitudes. The materials have been carefully selected and adapted to our European needs. The whole structure, however, is completely in line with the traditional knowledge of ingenious Mongolian tent construction architecture.



Each yurt consists of several scissor lattices, which simply collide for transportation. On the grid wall formed into a circle lie the rays that are anchored to the crown. Ropes hold the yurt together. We also offer special designs such as twin and large yachts. We are happy to advise you to find the right yurt for you!


The ideal size cannot be determined across the board. The question always arises, what are your needs and what ideas and dreams would you like to realize with the yurt.

Diameterside heightmedium heightconcertina
5.00 m1.60 m2.60 m4 pcs
6.00 m1.60 m2.90 m5 pcs.
7.00 m1.60 m3.20 m6 pcs.
8.00 m1.60 m3.50 m7 pcs.

We advise you to determine the right size. Arrange with us a non-binding appointment in our exhibition and experience the sense of space right on the spot.



As with all tents, a level natural floor is the best prerequisite for a safe stand. However, it can also be set up on hard courts. The yurt is ideally suited to open plains and high altitudes. It takes up less space than other tents because the anchoring is attached close to the edge of the yurt. Due to its low ceiling height, a yurt can be easily integrated into its surroundings in tight spaces.

  • What do I want to use the yurt for?
  • How much space is available to me?
  • Should she be heated?
  • Do I want windows in the walls?
  • Does it need a wooden door with lock?
  • Do I want a wood or natural floor?


More and more people are discovering the yurt as a mobile accommodation. The yurt offers an almost limitless field of application due to the open, round room, which can be pleasantly heated in winter. Even on hot summer days can be in the yurt by opening the roof flap to create a thoroughly pleasant indoor climate. There are now several hotels and campsites that equip a yurt as a room and offer it as a romantic alternative to the usual accommodation.

  • private living and living space
  • Overnight accommodation
  • retreat
  • garden house
  • Courses and seminars
  • Exhibition and training room


Wood construction

  • concertina
  • doorframe
  • roof beams
  • 2 supportN
  • Krone
  • Ropes and cords

outer shell

  • Yurt roof and side wall of your choice
  • ropes
  • wooden pegs

Various other

  • packing bags
  • repair fabric
  • Assembly Instructions

Extras (on request)

  • Lockable door with window
  • French window
  • fireplace version
  • wood floors
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