Two different variants can be selected. The fabric door is great for events because it can be completely removed and offers visitors an open entrance. A wooden door with a glass window and a lock is recommended if the yurt is used as living space or if it is on a public property and has to be lockable. Custom-made, such. a door with a width of 90cm instead of 70cm, can be considered after arrangement.


A window is a nice modern addition to a yurt and can be ordered in a simple form, as a fabric window or in a more luxurious version with a frame window. The number and the position are defined in a personal consultation.


In order for the yurt to be used year-round, it must be able to be heated. We offer various solutions for smoke extraction.

The simplest solution is to install a chimney socket in the crown. The oven is then in the middle between the two crown supports. The heat is distributed optimally in the room via the central stovepipe. If required, various translations or complete pipe systems can be ordered.

Also, a side chimney is possible. This is guided laterally through the safety gate and the exhaust pipe outside the yurt secured with ropes. There are two different variants that we can offer for the exhaust pipe, the simple chimney flue and an insulated, supported version. This lateral solution is necessary when a dome is ordered to the yurt and therefore a central chimney is no longer possible.


A dome made of double-walled Plexiglas is a luxury and offers an additional skylight. With a crank, the opening can be regulated. Anyone who still wants to heat the yurt needs to consider a side chimney.


Yurt TCS inside_Zeltwelt. Ch

Matching to the respective yurt size we also offer glazed wooden floors. These consist of individual floor slabs, which are assembled according to plan and then bolted. The plates rest on wooden beams and is therefore slightly raised.

Depending on location and use, an insulated wooden floor is suitable. This consists of a wooden floor, the insulation and a bolted floor. It is important that the wooden floor is built on a prepared, firm and even surface. For a desired floor insulation advice is recommended.


Isolation is not necessary in every case, but offers the possibility to increase the living comfort in a yurt. Since the insulation is installed over the construction, retrofitting is possible at any time and as needed.

The complete insulation consists of three layers. First, an inner cover is pulled over the entire wooden construction. This lightweight cotton fabric protects the interior from wool fibers that can come off the fleece. On top we put the woolen fleece, which is finally covered with a robust and impregnated tent fabric.

The natural wool used, with its breathable, moisture-balancing and heat-insulating properties, is ideal as a warming or cooling insulation layer.


Zeltwelt offer from stock various small accessories such as wooden pegs in various types of wood, ropes in 20m lengths and cords from roll on. Fixing woods are also available from stock. If you have a wooden floor you fix it with the scissor lattice.

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