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We also sell smaller quantities of colored ones Standard tent fabric 300 directly from stock. The fabric can either be over our Online-Shop or can be ordered via the contact form. With larger quantities from approx. 10m, it is worthwhile to make an inquiry first, since we can only take smaller quantities of the colors in stock.

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In Nature, our tent fabrics are always available in three different cotton qualities from a roll. All offered fabric qualities are refined, impregnated and treated against mold. They are ideally equipped for outdoor use.

If you need a larger piece of repair material or would like to sew something yourself from our tent fabrics, please contact us. (Various nylon tapes are also available from a roll)

If interested

Standard tent fabric 300

300_cloth_zeltwelt. Ch

List price CHF 20.00 per meter (Nature)

Lists Price CHF 26.00 per meter (dyed)

Fabric width 150cm

  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • 300g / m²
  • Color Nature (undyed)
  • 14 colors to choose from (on request)
  • waterproof impregnated
  • Treated against mold

This optimal tent fabric is ideal for any processing with a conventional sewing machine. If a strong needle is used, it should be able to sew through multiple layers with no problem. Whether as a curtain, awning, bags, outdoor cushions, etc. this is the perfect fabric! The impregnation prevents it from getting dirty straight away and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

On request and order, we can also offer this 300 quality in the following 14 colors. If you are interested, we will be happy to send you the prices and color samples.

Please note that these color images only serve as an example and may differ slightly in color from the original.

Strong tent fabric 360

360_cloth_zeltwelt. Ch

List price CHF 28.00 per meter

Fabric width 150cm

  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • 360g / m²
  • Color Nature (undyed)
  • waterproof impregnated
  • treated against mold

A tough, impregnated cotton fabric that is abrasion and tear resistant. Due to its strength, it is particularly water and wind-repellent, but dries rather slowly compared to a mixed fabric and is therefore suitable for temporary use. But if you want a pure and robust cotton fabric, this material is just the thing. A conventional sewing machine could probably reach its limits here with several layers.

Extra strong tent fabric - blended fabric 420

420_cloth_zeltwelt. Ch

List price CHF 30.00 per meter

Fabric width 150cm

  • Composition: 50% cotton / 50% polyester
  • 420g / m²
  • Color Nature (undyed)
  • waterproof impregnated
  • treated against mold

This material impresses with its good price-performance ratio. A very hard-wearing, quick-drying blended fabric with a natural look. Has been used successfully by us for years. This fabric has a long lifespan and withstands the worst storms, continuous rain, snow, frost and heat. With regular care, it is ideally suited for year-round use.

The processing with a conventional household machine can be forgotten at the latest with this quality. If you do not own an industrial machine, you are welcome to place smaller orders with us and we will sew the desired pieces together for you (price according to expenditure). If you need a larger custom-made product, we will pass your order on to our production company.

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