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For over 20 years, we have been working closely with our partners. Every year a joint meeting takes place in the production facility. This exchange on the spot and friendly contact is very important to us personally. Experiences are exchanged and new ideas, wishes and adjustments are discussed. This enables us to steadily expand and constantly improve the wide range of products.

The withdrawal of textile investors to Asian low-wage countries made textile companies in Europe hard. Many companies have been relocated or even completely closed. Many qualified textile professionals have lost their jobs as a result.

Our production is still one of the few that seamstresses can employ throughout the year.


It is a small but nice and friendly team with a lot of heart! Everyone is doing their part, which makes the collaboration something very special.

The production manager Franta organizes the daily business on site and takes care of the employees and the entire material purchase. In production, Hanka, the head of department for quality control, handles all our special requests and concerns with the tailors. All coordination will be done by Ilona. A very reliable and dear friend who has been our contact person since the first hour. A warehouseman takes care of the lumberyard and the new developments and a forwarding agent delivers the orders to Switzerland every month.



In the tailoring six experienced seamstresses work in a permanent position. In the high season, the summer months, additional part-time employees help out. The dressmakers do not have to deliver any quantities and thus the quality and a good climate among the employees is guaranteed. Her work will be judged fairly and personally by the department head Hanka.

In the evaluation, the experience, performance and reliability plays a crucial role. It happens that several seamstresses work on a tent at the same time and help each other out. All employees are capable of carrying out every work step and regularly alternate in their activities. This keeps the joy and motivation at work.


The raw material and the material for production come from the Czech Republic, Holland and France. With existing templates, the desired cut is transferred to the fabric and cut by hand. Each fabric is checked for weaving defects and stains. This guarantees a high quality of the tent cover. There are different sewing machines for each operation, which are used accordingly for the production. There is a special machine for the extremely robust and also popular with tent builders, which automatically layers the four layers and sews them together with a double needle in one step.

The seamstresses disappear partly behind mountains of cloth, which pile up on the big tables. It is impressive how fast and agile they take every step. Every move sits and the pace deserves great respect.

We can stand behind the quality of our products with a clear conscience and we are very grateful for that!


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