"For intrepid adventurers."

These tents and sails are ideal for explorers and adventurers. They are ideal for a western tent camp in the wild nature and give you the feeling of limitless freedom.


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Basically, our outdoor tents are aimed at everyone who likes to be in nature in any weather. What distinguishes this category from the others is its versatility and its adaptability to the environment. The offer is as varied as its users. You will never feel like an uninvited guest or intruder in nature, but live with and in nature.

  • simple construction
  • fast setup
  • optimal weather protection
  • individually applicable
  • can be combined with each other
  • special products

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Zeltwelt is fundamentally committed to a world that allows nature to remain. This mainly includes the use of natural materials such as wood and cotton. All of the material comes from Europe and all of our fabrics are refined, impregnated and treated against mold and are therefore ideally equipped for outdoor use. We offer our outdoor tents in all qualities and colors available from us. We would be happy to advise you which fabric is best for which tent.


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We offer various accessories and replacement material for our outdoor tents. The offer is based on the respective tent types and can also be put together according to your needs. Ropes, tensioners and pegs are always available from stock. Side bars and masts can be ordered on request. Do you need a custom-made product or do you have questions about the furnishing or combination options? Contact us, we will be happy to help you.


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The tent is probably the oldest way that humans can protect themselves from the forces of nature. In every cultural epoch we find different forms of tents with different constructions. Many nomadic peoples used the tents as mobile housing. The Romans used their tent shape to a large extent for the military, and tents in this shape are still used today as emergency accommodation in crisis areas or for sanitary facilities.

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Because your needs are paramount with us, you determine the price with the desired equipment for your personal outdoor tent. Therefore, we do not quote prices on our website, but we will send you our documentation on request. All our prices are listed there including VAT.

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