Bell tent

Camp luxuriously with a BellTelt

A tent that can be set up quickly and alone. It offers with its floor plan of 4m, resp. 5m diameter plenty of space. Thanks to the 2m high center mast, which can be disassembled by the way, you stand comfortably upright inside. Through the ventilation windows in the roof top and on the side walls, it is well without a inner tent, without forming condensation. The shell is made of impregnated, breathable Standard tent fabric 300 and is made of 100% cotton. The beveled canopy protects the entrance from rain and with the plasticized subfloor the interior stays nice and dry even during longer periods of rain. A net protects the interior from annoying insects and for the colder days, the tent can be supplemented with an oven.

3 m 2.20m
4 m2.20 m
5 m2.50 m

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