Basically, all of our tents are intended for outdoor use. However, this category is aimed specifically at people who want to be outdoors in any weather and need special weather protection. Zeltwelt Outdoor tents are suitable for any temporary use, whether a tarp as an awning for hot days or as a shelter in heavy rain, a shelter as a cooking tent or as a material store to the heated A-tent for a winter camp.


The outdoor tents are based on tent shapes that have been proven over many years in campers and trappers in nature. The constructions are simple and as authentic as possible, so that they do not lose their original character. Various sails and tarps combine excellently with the whole range of our natural tents and complement each other perfectly.


The choice of the tent type cannot be determined across the board. The question always arises as to what your needs are and which tent is best for your adventure.


Bell tent

The "BellZelt" is the ideal camping companion for a group or a family and can be supplemented with an oven for the colder days. A tent that can be set up quickly and by yourself. With its comfortable height, it offers enough space and comfort. The pack size is compact and not too heavy. Thanks to ventilation windows in the peak of the roof and on the side walls, there is no need for an inner tent and a net protects the interior from annoying insects.

3 m 2.30m
4 m2.55 m
5 m3.00 m

Further information about the Bell tent


In the Stone Age (Neolithic), the prehistoric people of Europe used a transportable tent made of fur for hunting, in which a fire could be made. The neolite is a reconstruction from prehistoric times and, as a European nomad tent, can be compared to the tipi of the Plains Indians in North America.

Number of bars Length Width Height
3 pcs 5.90 m 3.90 m3.00 m


Our Pantheon - an ingenious fire tent based on a Mongolian yurt or an Indian wigwam. Quickly set up, with a small pack size, generous space and simply beautiful to look at. Available in two sizes.

4.30 m2.15 m
6.00 m3.00 m

More information about the Pantheon

Pioneer (Snow Trekker)

The Snow Trekker, which we call a pioneer, is a tent that we originally produced as a custom-made tent for a customer. But we were so convinced of this tent that we added it to our range of outdoor tents. It originally comes from North America and is still used there today for winter camps. With the integrated stove, you can stay overnight in it even in extremely sub-zero temperatures.

SizeLength WidthHeight
1 person2.45 m2.45 m1.85 m
2 people3.05 m2.45 m 1.85 m
3 people3.50 m2.75 m2.00 m
4 people3.96 m3.05 m2.00 m
6 people4.58 m 3.05 m2.21 m


The tarp is a rectangular sail that is additionally anchored to the ground with a rope between trees or with poles. Due to their versatile application, tarps are often the ideal addition to any storage space, kitchen or shelter. The numerous loops can be used individually.

SAIL 4-square Length Width
TARP4.00 m2.00 - 6.00 m
TARP5.40 m3.00 - 7.00 m

A 7-cornered outfitter is versatile due to its shape and optimally drains the water even in intense rain. With the additional bars, an outfitter can easily stand free. Thanks to the 7 corners, it is also possible to stretch one side towards the floor as a windbreak.

7-sided SAIL Length Width
OUTFITTER4.00 m3.00 m
OUTFITTER5.00 m4.00 m
OUTFITTER6.00 m5.00 m


Wild West, and Trapper

“Trapper” or “Mountain Men” was the name given to the English-speaking rangers or French “Coureur des Bois” who were out and about in the wilderness in these types of tents. They served as mobile housing. The tents can therefore be easily transported and set up. They are available as Wild West or Trapper types. In contrast to the Wild West, the trapper tent has a shape that tapers towards the rear.

SHELTER Length Width Height
 WILD WEST 2.80 m 2.80 m2.00 m
 TRAPPER 2.80 m 2.80 m2.00 m



The "Viking" inspires with a self-supporting, simple construction! It has an A-shape and consists of 2 x 3 natural solid wood boards that are put together with the help of three rods and a few wooden pins. The tent shell is simply hung into the construction and, if necessary, anchored to the ground with pegs. The construction is self-supporting and can also be set up on a hard court. A great tent that can definitely not only be interpreted as a historical tent, but also as a modern one!

2.50 m2.00 m1.80 m
4.50 m5.50 m3.50 m


This simple one- or two-masted tent is often seen in pictures of army camps. It is a tent without great comfort, but it is light and has a simple construction. This tent is also available with a canopy on request.

Floor plan aroundFloor plan with extension Height
Ø 4.00 m4.00 x 6.00 m (canopy on request)2.50 m
Ø 5.00 m5.00 x 7.00 m (canopy on request)3.00 m

Roman tents

The tents of the famous Roman legions were originally made from goatskin or calfskin. Our legion tents are made from our 2-fold refined, robust cotton material. On request, we can also sew the tarpaulin together from leather brown panels, to get as close to the original as possible.

ROMANS TENTS4 angular floor planside height medium height
LEGION2.70 3.30 x m 1.00 m2.20 m
CENTURION4.00 5.30 x m 1.80 m 2.80 m


As with all tents, a level natural floor is ideal. Our tarps and sails can be found in any environment and are not tied to any location. It is ideal weather protection that accompanies you everywhere and becomes the focus of your camp.


There are no limits to the area of ​​application. Often an existing night camp is supplemented with a covered cooking area or a separate tent is set up for the material and supplies. The individual tent types can be easily combined with one another and can thus be used individually.

  • Base camp
  • group camp
  • material storage
  • catering facility
  • emergency shelter
  • sunscreen


outer shell

  • Tent cover, tarp or sail depending on the choice of tent type
  • ropes

wood construction

  • depending on the type of tent various side and cross bars
  • wooden pegs
  • Spanner

Various other

  • packing bags
  • repair fabric
  • Assembly Instructions
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