medieval tents

«A journey through time to the Middle Ages.»

 With the simple constructions, the historical medieval tents are ideal

as a market stall or as knightly accommodation.


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These tents with their decorative borders can be individually colored. They are also available in many different shapes and sizes self-supporting market stalls. They form an important part of every medieval market and historical scenery. Wherever these colorful tents appear in their colored clothes, they will appeal to young and old. In their stately rooms you can sleep or have a chivalrous celebration with food and drink.

  • authentic presentation
  • various color combinations
  • numerous models
  • simple construction
  • small pack size
  • comfortable room height

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Zeltwelt is fundamentally committed to a world that allows nature to remain. This mainly includes the use of natural materials such as wood and cotton. All of the material comes from Europe and all of our fabrics are refined, impregnated and treated against mold and are therefore ideally equipped for outdoor use. Our standard fabric for knight tents is available in 14 different colors.


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With us you put together your knight's tent in the desired shape, color combination and the finishing border and give your tent a very personal touch. We would be happy to advise you on the possible variants. You can reorder any parts of the knight tents as replacement material or add our accessories to your tent. For example, we have a wide range of beautiful, light decorative fabrics that make a princely appearance as an inner tent.


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The shapes and sizes of the knight tents all refer to the classic illustrations of the medieval tents from the 15.-17. Century. At that time knight's tents belonged to the picturesque backdrop of every jousting tournament. Even in the numerous wars of conquest and battles in the royal colors tents were always there as a transportable accommodation.

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Because your needs are paramount with us, you determine the price with the desired equipment for your personal knight's tent. Therefore, we do not quote prices on our website, but we will send you our documentation on request. All our prices are listed there including VAT.

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