Our medieval tents are authentically recreated forms of historical illustrations. These medieval tents can be individually colored with their decorative borders. They come in many different shapes and sizes and also as self-supporting market stalls, They form an important part of every medieval market and historical scenery. In their stately rooms can be slept or chatted extensively with food and drink chivalrous.


Basically, we distinguish between two basic types. On the one hand there are the models with side poles that are built with a center pole or with a mast extension. Each of these tents has its own name depending on the floor plan and the number of side poles. In the spoked wheel or ring tents, the roof structures are supported by the center mast and give the tent its shape. These rings and frames are also supported in the middle with one or two pole masts. In addition, we carry self-supporting medieval market and sales stands and extravagant, specially shaped tents, such. the early medieval dime.


The ideal size and the choice of the type of tent can not be set at a flat rate. There is always the question, what are your needs and for which medieval occasion you need a historic tent.



The Geteld is a tent found on the oldest available images of the Middle Ages. The entrance is made by default in the middle of the side wall. The extreme height of the tent is historically proven. It gives the Geteld a very special look.

ground plan height
4.00 3.20 x m 2.60 m
5.00 3.50 x m 3.20 m
6.00 4.00 x m 4.50 m



Is a simple cones tent with a simple construction, which is also available with an extension as a two-masted tent or on request as a market stall with canopy. This conical tent is often seen on pictures of army camps and served as a shelter for the common people during extended military campaigns. It is a tent with little comfort but just affordable for a squire. As a sales stand, it is possible to order a custom-made canopy.

Floor plan aroundFloor plan with extension height
Ø 4.00 m4.00 x 6.00 m (canopy on request)2.50 m
Ø 5.00 m5.00 x 7.00 m (canopy on request)3.00 m



4 square square floor plan4 square rectangular plan (extension) side height medium height
3.00 3.00 x m3.00 4.50 x m2.00 m3.30 m
4.50 4.50 x m4.50 6.80 x m2.50 m3.65 m
6.00 6.00 x m6.00 9.00 x m2.50 m4.70 m


4 angular floor plan side height medium height
4.50 4.50 x m2.00 m 3.90 m
6.00 6.00 x m2.00 m 4.50 m
8.00 8.00 x m2.00 m 5.30 m


6 angular floor plan6 angular floor plan (extension)side heightmedium height
Ø 3.00 m3.00 4.50 x m2.00 m3.30 m
Ø 4.50 m4.50 6.80 x m2.00 m3.65 m
Ø 6.00 m6.00 9.00 x m2.50 m4.70 m


8 angular floor plan8 angular floor plan (extension)side heightmedium height
Ø 3.00 m3.00 4.50 x m2.00 m3.30 m
Ø 4.50 m4.50 6.80 x m2.00 m3.65 m
Ø 6.00 m6.00 9.00 x m2.50 m4.70 m


12 angular floor plan12 angular floor plan (extension)side heightmedium height
Ø 4.50 m4.50 6.80 x m2.00 m3.65 m
Ø 6.00 m6.00 9.00 x m2.50 m4.70 m


12 angular floor plan (extension) side heightmedium height
5.50 7.80 x m 2.00 m 3.65 m
7.00 10.00 x m 2.50 m 4.20 m


Is the same as an extended chapiteau with single, removable walls. It distinguishes itself through the decorative borders and the colored outer dress, giving it a medieval character.

12 angular floor plan (extension) side height medium height
6.00 9.00 x m2.30 m4.20 m
8.00 12.00 x m2.50 m4.85 m
10.00 15.00 x m2.50 m5.70 m


Merlin - spoked wheel tent

A medieval tent with authentic spoked wheel construction. A tent that makes itself visually noticeable. The typical steep tent shape and the spoke wheel construction made of ash wood makes this tent a gem for every tent camp.

round floor plan side height medium height
Ø 3.50 m2.20 m3.60 m
Ø 4.50 m2.20 m4.15 m
Ø 6.00 m2.50 m5.20 m

Artus - spoked wheel tent

This elongated two-masted spoked wheel tent was an upscale tent. It exudes dignity and grandeur. Whether colored or in natural white, with patterned inner tent or simple, the noble form indicates aristocracy.

oval floor plan side height medium height
3.50 6.00 x m2.20 m3.60 m
4.50 8.00 x m2.20 m4.15 m

Avalon ring tent

A medieval round tent with authentic ring construction made of ash wood. Due to the missing side bars, a lot of space is gained in this type of construction. The round shape corresponds to the many historical figures, the medieval tent camps. Also, the Avalon can be individually assembled with colored tent fabrics from our color chart.

round floor plan side height medium height
Ø 3.30 m2.20 m3.30 m
Ø 4.20 m2.20 m3.60 m
Ø 5.60 m2.50 m4.00 m

Isabella - Frame tent

Isabella_Ritterzelte_Zeltwelt. Ch

In this tent, the shape is determined by a square frame, which is hung on the two center poles. The Gothic-shaped entrance gives Isabella a princely appearance.

4 angular floor plan side height medium height
4.00 4.00 x m2.00 m3.70 m


It is not possible to tenter the historic tents on every market. Especially in the Marktgassen the knight tents, which are usually anchored in the natural ground, reach their limits. Our self-supporting market stalls offer the possibility to be set up on firm ground without elaborate bracing. We also put these tents together individually.


Corresponds to the shape of a lansquenet and was developed as a self-supporting market stall. The front and both side walls can be opened completely and individually. The wide canopy is sewn to the tent roof and guarantees a dry entrance to all visitors even in the rain. If necessary, the canopy can be rolled up. Thanks to the sturdy wooden construction and the flexibility of the sidewalls, this tent is the right choice for every market driver.

4 angular floor plan (extension)side height medium height
3.00 3.00 x m2.00 m3.30 m
4.50 4.50 x m2.50 m3.65 m


This rectangular market stall was also developed with a self-supporting wooden construction. It has two side entrances and the size can be tailored to your needs. It is a classic form of a sales stall with a medieval look.

4 angular floor planside height medium height
3.00 3.00 x m2.10 m3.65 m
3.00 4.00 x m2.10 m3.65 m
4.00 4.00 x m2.10 m3.65 m
4.00 x 5.002.10 m3.65 m


With its hexagonal floor plan, the Orient resembles the tent Tudor. It also belongs to the group of self-supporting tents, which consists of a stable wooden construction with metal angles. The front and side walls are stretched as a canopy when needed. A sales tent for high demands with a generous canopy.

6 angular floor planside heightmedium height
Ø 2.50 m2.10 m3.45 m
Ø 3.50 m2.10 m3.65 m
Ø 4.50 m2.10 m4.05 m
Ø 5.60 m2.10 m4.45 m


This self-supporting market stall serves as a showcase or for market drivers as a sales stall. It is a stand with a sturdy wooden construction and a fairing made of sturdy tent material.

Size Length Width height
Stand 2.70 m 2.00 m2.50 m


As with all our tents, a level natural floor is ideal. To ensure that the knight tents are stable, the lateral bracing must be anchored in the ground with wooden or metal pegs. In hard courts, this is only possible with a lot of effort and not always desirable. Many medieval markets, however, take place in cities and hard courts. There are special for market drivers the self-supporting sales and market stalls.

  • How many people would I like to place standing, sitting?
  • Is there a nature or hard court available?
  • Does the location have enough space for the anchorages?
  • For which occasion do I need the tent?


Wherever a medieval scenery is desired, our knight tents provide the perfect stage. They are an important part to create an authentic mood. Only through them does the feeling of a journey into a bygone time arise. They can serve as accommodation or for the market drivers as a sales stall. From a medieval market or festival, these temporary buildings are almost indispensable and they have become an important part of the medieval scene.

  • knight Games
  • Theater performances
  • film sets
  • Exhibitions
  • Decoration of castles and palaces
  • Medieval festivals, markets


outer shell

  • Tent roof and side walls of your choice
  • wooden pegs
  • Spanner
  • ropes

wood construction

  • Roof ring / frame
  • Wooden hubs with spokes
  • 1-2 masts incl. Connectors made of metal
  • Side poles incl. Holzübeln

Various other

  • packing bags
  • repair fabric
  • Assembly Instructions
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