Impregnation of natural tents

The impregnation is refreshed by NIKWAX and cares for all natural substances. NIKWAX care products are based on environmentally friendly water and therefore safe to use.

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Align smoke flaps

Who wants to heat in a tepee and cook on an open fire, must align the smoke flaps accordingly, so that the smoke can pull off properly. We explain here what is important.

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heating ramp rates

All our natural tents are traditionally heated with wood and the methods used are mature and still work. Nevertheless, we always see new forms in our customers, as the fire in the middle, staged. Here are a few examples.

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Heat natural tents

Especially in the colder months of the year, it is a great advantage if a natural tent can be heated. The yurt and the tipi are the most famous natural tents that can be used all year round and in any weather. Find out here how natural tents are heated.

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Fire in the tepee

Fire is the prerequisite of all life. We should honor it. A tepee lives from the charisma and its inner energy, the fire.

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Tipi Lining function

The lining has a decisive influence on the tepee and makes this an ingenious accommodation. It fulfills several purposes without which you would not be comfortable in a tepee.

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The decor of a tepee

It pays to pay a little attention to the interior decoration in a tepee. Here you will find useful tips for making beds and seats and how the interior can be arranged.

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Teepee bottom

Wood chips are a natural, simple and cheap variant. Here you will find out what should be considered. The wooden floor is a luxurious alternative but needs a level surface for installation.

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Tipi book tips

Here you will find our versatile book tips for all those who are interested in tipis and the Indian culture.

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How do I load my car?

Not only to avoid unpleasant buses, also to protect you and other road users, a properly loaded vehicle is important.

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Yurt in the winter

We hear again and again about people who dare to live in a yurt and spend the winter in it. We would like to give you an impression of what to expect in winter and what you should pay particular attention to.

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Teepee in winter

Even in winter it is pleasantly warm and cozy with a fire in a tepee. If it has snowed, but the fresh air supply must be given enough attention. Our tip will help you to get through the winter.

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