Golden FIX - the liquid sewing thread


Golden Fix can be purchased from us and is an extremely robust fabric glue that absorbs well on natural materials and remains elastic. Even in frost, sun and heat, he has proven a long life.

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Prepare the repair material to the appropriate size. For every purchase you will receive from us a small piece of repair material or you cut a larger piece from the included packsacks. The patch should cover the defective area of ​​the tent cover sufficiently. You can also crop the flick around.

Apply a generous amount of glue to the edge of the patch and lightly press on the dry tent cover from the inside or outside. Pull the flick off again for a short time and also spread the glue marks on the tent cover well over the material, so that the area to be covered is completely covered with glue. If necessary apply a little more glue.

It works best if you take a spatula or your finger and work the glue correctly into the material. Do not worry, the glue can then be rubbed without residue from the fingers again. When both surfaces, cover and patch are well rubbed with glue, lay on the splice and press firmly.

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