Impregnation of natural tents


NIKWAX COTTON PROOF is the perfect care for our natural tents!

The impregnation is refreshed by NIKWAX and cares for all natural substances. NIKWAX care products are environmentally friendly and safe to use. You can buy NIKWAX COTTON PROOF directly from us. One liter is enough for an area of ​​about 60m².

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NIKWAX products are 100% water-based, non-flammable and without propellants or fluorocarbons!


1 / 2013 Greenpeace: Call for Prohibition of Fluorocarbons (PFC) based Impregnants

Greenpeace published a report calling for a ban on all PFC chemicals in the outdoor industry. NIKWAX Nursing products have never included PFC, because NIKWAX shares Greenpeace's concern that these chemicals pose a risk to human health and the environment!

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A treatment with NIKWAX is recommended for an intensive, year-round use and depending on the condition of the material, at the latest after two years. If you want to dismantle the tent in the autumn or it is heavily soiled, it is advisable to clean the tent before (see tip - tent cleaning) and only then to maintain. After a harsh winter, we would carry out the impregnation on a dry spring day.

For this you need:

  • ladder
  • Garden atomizer / pressure sprayer (retailers, hardware store)
  • possibly a household mop

Mix 1 part NIKWAX with 9 parts of warm water well (1: 9) and apply the material conscientiously from top to bottom. In a wet tent, the ratio may need to be reduced slightly to about 1: 7-8 parts of water. If the medium is mixed too thin, it runs off too quickly over the edge of the tent. It would be ideal if the funds are flowing, but there is enough time to distribute them evenly. A mop can help you to incorporate the excess funds into the material. In order for you to obtain an optimal result, the agent must subsequently be able to completely dry out.


The water will roll off on the NIKWAX treated material, minimizing contact of water with the material. For example, the impact of raindrops on the surface of the material distorts the shape of the drops, but does not penetrate the tissue. The water-repellent fibers prevent contact with the water that collects on the surface.

Prior to 25, Nick Brown, inventor of NIKWAX, designed and patented the water-repellent NIKWAX TX.10i elastomer. When treated with NIKWAX, textile fibers are coated with a layer of elastic, water-repellent molecules. These molecules bind with anything that attracts water, but leave the gaps between fibers open, leaving them breathable.

NIKWAX impregnation treatments bend and move with the textile fibers. The TX.10i elastomer also gives textiles extra resilience. Lubricating the textiles allows the fibers to glide over each other again without much resistance. The impregnation treatments further ensure that the fibers are coated with elastic polymer which has a resilient property. The fibers can thus expand to a certain degree and return to their original position. This reduces the stress at the points of contact of the fibers and achieves a higher tear resistance of the textiles.

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