Heat natural tents

How do you heat natural tents?

Especially in the colder months of the year, it is a great advantage if a natural tent can be heated. The yurt and tipi are the most famous natural tents that can be used all year round and in any weather.


Most of the primitive people used to cook on an open fire and use it for heating. Still, a fire is the most common way to bring heat into the tent. Thanks to a clever ventilation system, the Tipi or Neolit ​​makes it easy to sit in front of an open fire. In a yurt or other type of tent it is recommended to install a stove for today's comfort.

The ambience of an open fire is almost unbeatable. We are constantly discovering new forms of how the fire in the middle is staged in a modern and practical way. Humans continue to develop and their demands increase. It is interesting to see the creativity with which our customers deal with this topic. From fire ring to fire pipe, everything is included.

The latest invention comes from "Carefree", is ideal for grilling and visually very well done.

wood stoves

The advantages of wood are undisputed. Those who purchase regional wood also make an important contribution to the renewable raw material. Wood heating ensures environmentally friendly energy production in the natural cycle. How efficiently this raw material is used, however, depends crucially on the furnace. Here you have to pay particular attention to wood consumption and heat storage. Something can be found on the market for every need, whether with a viewing window or with a cooking facility and an integrated oven.

Smaller rustic models can be found at camping shops. These can be installed in almost any natural tent, such as the Bellzelt, making camping an experience even at minus temperatures. Such camping ovens are often equipped with a cooking surface.


Heating with gas brings a surprising number of advantages and equals the heat output of a wood stove. Today's gas heaters are easy to use, clean, efficient and extremely flexible. Mostly they are no bigger than a normal wood stove. The gas bottles are extremely replenishable. An 5m yurt like this one in Vals, gets warm with a gas stove within a short time.


For the large marquees, such as the Chapiteau, electric fan heaters are suitable. However, these are sometimes a bit noisy and may need to be powered by a generator if there is no power connection nearby. As a heat source they are ideal in such large tents because of their high performance. Gas powered radiant heaters are also a good option and independent of current.

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