Teepee bottom


This is the simplest and most cost-effective variant for a tipi floor.

You can sit and sleep comfortably on wood chips. They serve as insulation in every season. Make sure you buy wood chips without bark! Bark chips are more suitable for mulching in the garden and are not recommended as a teepee floor due to the high resin content. The resin softens quickly on warm days and sticks to shoes and clothing with difficulty. We therefore only use wood chips without bark.

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First, an air-permeable weed fleece is laid out as a base, then a generous layer of wood chips is evenly spread over it. We pull the weed fleece and the wood chips about 20-30cm over the edge of the tipi. This makes it easier to maintain and mow around the tipi. It is also advisable to lay out the entrance generously with wood chips. An additional stone slab at the entrance prevents puddles from forming in front of the tipi when the weather is continuously wet.

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The base, which consists of several parts, is put together and screwed together. It does not extend beyond the edge of the tipi and is therefore very discreet. In the middle part of the floor for a fireplace can be removed. The wooden floor should only be laid on a level floor surface, otherwise complex leveling with strips is necessary. A wooden floor is a luxury variant and looks very neat.

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