How do I clean my natural tent?


Our fabrics are refined twice, treated against mold and impregnated. However, strong UV rays, air pollution and other organic pollution from insects, birds, pollen, etc. can damage the fabric's finish. It is therefore important that you keep an eye on your tent cover in order to apply the necessary cleaning measures in good time.

For all-year outdoor use, it is therefore advisable to clean the tent cover at the latest after 2 years or, depending on location and need, earlier!

In the forest and in shady places, as well as near waters, the humidity is sometimes very high. This favors the growth of microorganisms. If the impregnation is attacked by environmental influences over time, this moisture gets into the fabric and there is an increased risk of mold and algae infestation. Without moisture, the organism would not survive. In drier latitudes or in the mountains, there is little or no mold infestation over the years.


  • sufficient Javel water (for a 6m tipi, it needs at least 12L Javel)
  • Garden atomizer / pressure sprayer (retailers, hardware store)
  • Water connection nearby and a long garden hose
  • protective clothing
  • possibly a ladder



In stores, for example at Migros or Coop, you can get cheap 2 liter bottles even with a lavender scent.

A cleaning and the subsequent impregnation with NIKWAX is recommended before an upcoming dismantling in autumn or with permanent use in spring. If it is very dirty, leaves, moss and bird droppings should first be removed with a brush and water. Then wet the entire tent cover with the hose. To reduce water consumption, cleaning can also be carried out in the event of persistent rain. However, the Javel water must be washed down thoroughly after use so that no residues remain on the material.


Apply undiluted, commercially available Javel water evenly to the wet tent cover. A powerful garden sprayer with a long spray wand can be useful for this. With this application it is recommended to protect eyes, skin, respiratory tract and clothes.

If the whole tent cover has been injected with it, let it take effect for a short time. The cleaning effect occurs within a few minutes. Strong sun exposure should be avoided with this treatment. The material must not dry out with the Javel water and must be rinsed out thoroughly after the exposure time and with plenty of water!


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