How do I clean my natural tent?


for cotton and blended fabrics

It is recommended for a year-round outdoor use, the tent cover at the latest after 2 years or depending on location and need to clean earlier.

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Although our fabrics are twice refined, treated against mold and impregnated. However, strong UV rays, air pollution and other organic pollution from insects, birds, pollen, etc. can attack the equipment of the fabric. Therefore, it is important that you keep an eye on your tent cover in order to apply the necessary cleaning measures in a timely manner.

In the forest and in shady places, as well as near waters, the humidity is sometimes very high. This favors the growth of microorganisms, If the impregnation is attacked by environmental influences over time, this moisture enters the tissue and there is an increased risk of mold and algae infestation. Without moisture, the organism would not survive. In drier latitudes or even in the mountains hardly or only little infestation of mold fungi occurs over the years.

Preparation for cleaning

A cleaning and the subsequent, essential impregnation with NIKWAX It is recommended, for example, before impending mining in the fall. If there is a lot of dirt on the tent cover, you should first remove earth residue and leaves with a brush. Subsequently, a part or the entire tent cover, treated in the necessary places with Javelwasser.

For this you need:

  • sufficient Javelwasser
  • Garden atomizer / pressure sprayer (retailers, hardware store)
  • near a water connection and a garden hose

To save your water consumption, this cleaning is best used in case of prolonged rain or just before a bad weather front.

In the trade, for example, Migros or Coop, they get cheap 2 liter bottles even with lavender scent.


Use undiluted commercial Javel water in a powerful garden sprayer with a long spray bar. When using with jelly water, it is recommended to protect eyes, skin, respiratory tract and clothing.

Spray the tent, which has been freed from leaves and dirt, evenly with Javel water from top to bottom and then let it soak in a little. The effect of cleaning occurs within a few minutes. Strong sunlight should be avoided during this treatment. The material must not dry with the Javel water and must be rinsed thoroughly after the exposure time with water!

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