Looking for support for our construction team

We are looking for support for our construction team!

The coming season is sure to come and by March at the latest we will be out and about all over Switzerland for our customers to set up our natural tents. We are therefore looking for you as a flexible support for our construction team. You should be a person who certainly has a healthy dose of manual skills, likes to work outdoors in nature and is motivated to learn something about our natural tents and their construction. Even a portion of social skills can't hurt, because we set up the tents in cooperation with our customers.

area of ​​responsibility

  • Reconstruction and assembly of natural tents, mainly tipis and yurts
  • Receipt of goods and support when loading and unloading goods
  • deliveries of goods
  • Service and maintenance work on natural tents such as cleaning/care

Your support is mainly needed for the construction in the months of March to October. An extension for service work on existing tents is possible depending on the skills you bring with you.

Would you have the capacity to do about 5 assignments a month, do you have your own car or do you live in the vicinity of Diessenhofen? Cooperation with a freelance carpenter would also be conceivable. We are tent builders and not experts for substructures. So if you have skills in this area, you could benefit from helping with the construction and get orders through us.

We are open to an exchange and look forward to hearing from you! If you are interested, send us an email with your skills and your motivation, why you think you would enrich us.

If interested:
T 052 657 58 58
M info@zeltwelt. Ch

everyday at Zeltwelt? There is no such thing!

The best thing about our job is that we never know exactly where we are going and what to expect from our customers. We have traveled to the most awkward places in Switzerland. We set up our tents between mighty mountain scenery or in small forest clearings. Had to load goods into cable cars by helicopter or, adventurously, on tipi poles. We often meet the nicest customers who welcome us with open arms and a lot of hospitality and support us with the construction with enthusiasm and joy.

The goods are often loaded the day before, so that it can then start fully loaded the next morning. Most of the time it's all across Switzerland, sometimes to places you may never have heard of, but not always... The setups can just as well be on a school campus or in the middle of the city for a restaurant. Upon arrival, the goods are unloaded and the assembly site is inspected. Details are clarified with the customer and then it's off to the bacon.

During the construction, the customers are trained by us and instructed in detail what to look out for with their tent. After a few hours the whole thing is already in place and you can admire your work. Usually there is still time afterwards to take photos or enjoy nature and linger in beautiful places. Whenever possible we wait for traffic to clear and perhaps take a cooling dip in a nearby lake or just stay the night nearby and end the day around a fire. What is guaranteed, however, is that in the evening you fall gratefully into bed with a full heart and tired muscles.

Who we are…

Zeltwelt GmbH is a small family business and was completely taken over by us, the younger generation, in 2017 and successfully continued. The team consists of Selina (m.) and Yves (right) and our employee Pascal (l.) and Tomas (retired senior).

History of Zeltwelt



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