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Between May and mid-July we have high season. It is maintained, built, replaced, offered and bought new in large quantities. Anyone who wants to prepare for the summer season or to set up a new natural tent project, now seeks advice from us. It discusses and negotiates, weighs the benefits, measures the sizes and compares prices.

Zeltwelt Right at the beginning of the season we had a few exciting and bigger projects to implement. On the one hand the yurt pavilion at the trout lake and also Hallwyl Castle ordered five Landsknecht tents for the planned summer exhibition: "The Swiss are coming!"

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Whenever we drive through Switzerland on a customer tour, we always discover a white tipi on the horizon. How pretty and naturally they fit into the landscape ... We are delighted to see how many we were able to count on the last tour.

For our Zeltwelt-Team it is the strictest but also the best time of the year! If we don't have any customer appointments in the exhibition, we are almost always outside when the weather is nice, and this in the most beautiful places in Switzerland. Our customers look for the best places for the natural tents and these set themselves in scene with a fantastic view as if by themselves.

Sometimes our heads smoke with all the appointments. Flexibility and planning skills are required from us when the weather does not play along and we are under deadline pressure. It actually snowed on the day of delivery at the Trout Lake Pavilion! Our five-person team had to wait patiently for the next day, but luckily the sun was shining again and the construction could be completed on schedule.

During the setup we get to know a lot of nice people, make new friends and experience unforgettable moments with them, we are invited and warmly bid farewell. Somehow we all share a love for nature, being outside and the happiness of having a little bit of freedom that has nothing to do with everyday life. Often the feeling remains that they are leaving the customer with a gift rather than a purchased item.

We as Zeltwelt-Team are grateful to be able to make a living from this work and look forward to every new order! There is a lot of passion and sweat in our work and the reward for this are the many happy faces of the customers when they say goodbye.

Zeltwelt in action"

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