Rental of natural tents


Zeltwelt has specialized mainly in the sale of natural tents and hired 2010 the rental. UOur small team is busy during the main season with the construction and support for existing customers, so that we can offer no more professional rental.

At that time, the tent rental was taken over by the event provider "TOPAZ Adventure Time Travel" and has been accompanying us for many years as a successful partner. They rent chapiteaux, teepees, yurts and knight tents or use the tents for their own, organized events. We are very happy to have such a great partner at our side to offer the Rental of natural tents continue to offer. Therefore, we gladly forward all rental inquiries to the professional team of «Adventure Time Travel TOPAZ».

Adventure Time Travel Topaz

Why rented Zeltwelt Market stalls?

The on the Marketplace offered for rent self-supporting market stalls are easy to set up and do not require any professional help from us. We always receive inquiries from market travelers who are looking for an ideal sales stall. So We came up with the idea of ​​offering such tents for rent. We do not present the market stalls in our exhibition all year round. But our customers have the opportunity to test our two favorites.

Rent a bazaar Rent Orient

Testing our assortment is important to us!

We always like to test our assortment to see if the tents keep their promise. The versatility of self-supporting market stalls convinced us! They are easy to set up and the material can be transported without much effort. With the self-supporting construction, the construction is also possible on hard courts, which is particularly advantageous for markets in cities.

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