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Camping with comfort and style on the Göscheneralp

Place  Goescheneralp
Customer Private
Date May 2022
occasion summer residence
Key data 6m yurt with window front

The tent story

At the Mattli campsite on the Goescheneralp there is a yurt with a diameter of 6m as a private summer residence. It will be stored over the winter and set up again in the spring when the campsite opens its doors again.

With such a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, one can understand the customer's choice for a three-part window front. However, so that he still has some living space in the rear, the middle element of the panoramic front also serves as the main entrance. The panoramic windows can be ordered to open or as closed windows. In this case, there are closed ones on the right and left and one in the middle that can be opened. The only downside to this is that the panoramic windows have a small ledge at the bottom that opens. The customer later had to compensate for this with a ramp so that the yurt could also be accessed with a wheelchair.

A 3-part front is certainly the maximum we would recommend for a 6m yurt. As mentioned above, the front somewhat reduces the living space, since there are no walls for the furnishings. The construction also requires a certain number of folding lattices and windows cannot be used at will. We describe another version of a 3-part panorama yurt and separate door in another tent story.

We would like to thank the customer for the pleasant set-up and wish you relaxing hours in the new holiday home on the Mattli campsite.

Information about the campsite


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