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The adventure land Walter Zoo an experience for the whole family!

Place Gossau SG
Customer Walter ZOO
Date(s) since 1997
occasion Overnight accommodation
Key data Potlachtipis 8m

Our contribution

Since 1997 we have equipped the Walter Zoo several times with our tipis. Initially, the tipis consisted of a 360g / m² cotton fabric. After a few years, however, they switched to the 420g / m² extra strong blended fabric, as this material is generally better suited for year-round use. The place is narrow and is on a steep slope, which makes the construction a bit exhausting, but with the efficient staff of the zoo, the tents are always set up quickly.

In 2013 we delivered two prototypes to Gossau. The Walter Zoo offered the TenCate as a test object for our new fabric quality. This new material is said to be even more resistant than the 420 cotton fabric.

More about Tencate

TenCate has a fire retardant finish and is provided with additional UV protection. We very much hoped that this novel material would last longer under the extreme conditions in the zoo. After a good 3 years, this cover is also due without maintenance or service. Basically, apart from minor cracks, the covers were still intact, but they urgently needed a holistic one Cleaning and care, and Repair needed. Shortly before Easter 2016, Walter Zoo decided to replace the tipis.

It is one of the most extreme places and there is no other place where our natural tents are challenged so much! The agricultural environment, the variety of microorganisms through the animals in the zoo and with the intensive use, even the best material comes eventually to its limits.

Information about Walter Zoo

Walter ZOO in Gossau SG has been offering a night owl tipicamp for 17 years.

The Adventure Land Walter ZOO is idyllically located above Gossau SG and was founded in 1961 by Walter Pischl and his wife Edith. Today the zoo is home to around 500 animals of over 100 species from all continents. As a member of EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria), Walter ZOO is committed to modern and scientific management of the company. Participation in the EEP (European Conservation Breeding Program) also contributes to the conservation of various animal species.

The highlight of every day at the zoo is a visit to the circus tent, where during the summer months (March to October) there is an annually changing, one-hour performance with the animals. They also hold various events in the tipis. It will Indian stories told around the warm campfire or for that Nightwatch program Eaten in the tepee and stayed overnight.




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