The special natural tent camp | 128

The slightly different nature tent camp, where children may still be children! 

Location  Rhine Gorge GR
Customer Albisbodenhof | Pavel Beco
Date summer 2019
occasion children camps
Key data Div. Natural tents from Zeltwelt

The tent story

Pavel Beco was the co-founder of Zeltwelt GmbH and a pioneer in Switzerland, which concerns Tipilager. His summer camps are still legendary and give the children a true and natural summer experience. Many children have been coming to his summer camp in the beautiful Rhine Gorge for decades. This year we visited him for a short time and was impressed by the freedom that the children are still allowed to experience there.

This year, the topic was "Stone Age". The original tepees were with a few Neolit ​​tents replaced. They are a bit lighter and the assembly is more feasible for older children. There were knight tents as accommodation for the camp management Rental Bazaar stood there for two weeks. An 8m marquee was used as a roof for the dining tent.

We were allowed to experience how children made a prehistoric glue from tree resin, coal and rabbit droppings, thus building medieval tools and sewing clothes made of leather and yarn. With a horn, the bath time is blown once a day. Without hesitation, a crowd of children jumped screaming into the ice-cold river, and then immediately breaded themselves again in the sand. Who wants to be clean? As parents, it makes us happy to see that children here are still allowed to be children and that we, with natural tents, make our little contribution to offering these children a natural experience. It is important to us to continue to support such social projects!



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