The shaman tepee | 111

A tipi for shamanic consultations and ritual accompaniments.

Location Wolhusen LU
Customer "Taneska"
Date summer 2013
occasion Shamanic counseling, ritual accompaniment
Key data Grossraumtipi 8m

Our contribution

The client wanted a tipi to perform his shamanic consultations and escorts.

Away from the house, he had a place near a river, which he wanted to use. For intimate group work, it is advisable to use a generous room. He opted for a large-capacity tipi with 8m diameter extra strong tent fabric 420, He also wanted to design the interior so that he could furnish the tepee with furniture and ordered one Poet, The room is thereby additionally protected.

We delivered the tepee and built it together with the customer. The soil was equipped with wood chips in the first phase. A few years later, the customer moved independently a beautiful wooden floor and built from boulders a spacious fireplace.

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Information about the customer

Following his training as a shaman, our longtime customer Werny accompanies seekers on a journey to themselves. The tipi is used as a space for shamanic rituals and ritual accompaniments and offers him an intimate and protective shell for this work. The original space of the Native American primitive people helps to soothe the mind and with the proper guidance creates a deep access to itself. To accompany and carry out the shamanic journey, he uses the rhythmic sounds of slow drums and rattles that relax and stimulate the imagination.

«You will find the middle as soon as you have a goal in mind. And the goal is where the possibilities are! It is not always necessary to overcome a threatening high mountain to get there. Sometimes you find a hidden way at the foot of the mountain. »

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