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Neolit_Egolzwil_Zeltwelt.ch_1Life like in the Stone Age? The Albert Köchlin Foundation makes it possible.

Place Wauwilermoos near Egolzwil LU
Customer Albert Köchlin Foundation
Date from May 2012 to 2016
occasion Experience stone age school project
Key data Neolite, Shelter, Outfitter, Teepee

Our contribution

The Albert Köchlin Foundation (AKS) contacted us in summer 2011 about the upcoming Stone Age school project. They wanted 7 neo tents, 2 outfitters and one Shelter from our Standard cotton fabric. The exciting project was provided by a farmer with land that could be used as a training area. The tents are there from summer to autumn on an open plain with a view of the mountains.

We set up two Neolits and the shelter with them, after which they were trained and could set up the remaining tents on their own. They contacted us again in the summer of 2014. The outfitter had to be replaced and a replacement roof for the Neo tent had to be found. There were problems with the Neolits because a storm tore off a few roofs. We had a part repaired by us.

The neolite tents were not weatherproof enough for the many overnight stays, so the customer ordered two more group tepees from ours Tent fabric «Plus» with Ozan (Solo) as a supplement. There was also a tipi-like tent in Europe during the Paleolithic, the «Lawu». It was a lot smaller and was covered with fur and animal skins. The two tipis were therefore a good compromise for the Stone Age project.

more info about Neolit

In the park for prehistoric art in Ariége (France), archaeologists have reconstructed the two types of tents that were most common in the Paleolithic: the large round tent and the smaller tipi or lavvu. 


Information about the customer

The Stone Age experience makes the Old and the New Stone Age for 4 learners. Primary class from the cantons of Lucerne, Schwyz, Uri, Nidwalden and Obwalden. The project lasts two days. Overnight stay in tents. On the first day, the students move into a Paleolithic hunting camp in Wauwilermoos (Egolzwil). The students expand their knowledge of the Paleolithic (hunters, collectors, nomads). On the second day, the acquired knowledge about the Palaeolithic is compared with the Neolithic (agriculture, sedentary). The pile dwelling settlement Wauwil serves as a place of learning on this day. Every school year, 28 school classes can participate in the project Erlebnis Steinzeit.

The project lasts from summer 2012 to summer 2016.


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