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"This is how you can live in a yurt."

Place Switzerland
Customer Private
Date November 2016
occasion residential building
Key data Yurt 4m with isolation

The tent story

More and more customers are interested in staying in a yurt. The budget of this customer was limited but his will was big, and so he made his dream of a yurt come true with a small loan from his sister. To keep the yurt as cheap as possible, he chose ours as the outer material Tent fabric «Plus», However, certain extras were important to him, such as. a dome had to be easy! The 3-fach glazed windows, however, he had custom-made to measure and were not even so expensive. He also took over the soil and the insulation himself. He ordered Join in Switzerland FiWo a 6 -10cm thick wool fleece, He has the floor with pressed wood panels from Stroba isolated.

The yurt is small but with the two windows and the dome it is nice and bright, the climate is pleasant. The customer tells me the humidity is around 35%. He would have dried the laundry in the yurt in winter, no problem. The yurt breathes and thanks to the thick, somewhat too thick insulation, it perfectly stores the heat from an air heat exchanger. He pulled electricity from the house and fitted a fuse box because the plug got too hot. The fuse box in the house no longer works over the long distance and therefore this would be very practical.

He has reduced everything to a minimum and lives with what he needs. It has to be easy to transport and after the last move he had to reduce a lot again. Outside, a box and a frame serve as additional storage space. It's all improvised but carefully thought out. There is a lot of thought and creativity behind it. We are very pleased to see how our product has been individually developed to meet its own needs.

He's even stretched a hammock from door frame to door frame. Not something we would recommend to our customers, but the yurt patiently endured it. His wish would be to leave his yurt somewhere permanently, but the permit is one of those things. So he moves from place to place, always within the permitted time limit, and thus becomes a modern nomad. Switzerland with its cantonal laws does not make it easy for such free thinkers and it would be nice if this would change one day so that more people can realize their dream of living in a yurt.

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