The playgroup yurt | 109

A yurt as bad weather protection for a forest playgroup.

Location Schlatt TG
Customer Playgroup Forest Fairy
Date August 2015
occasion Children's Group
Key data Yurt 7m

Our contribution

In our exhibition there is a 6m yurt and a 6m tipi, which were seen from the train. The customer contacted us and arranged a consultation. You wanted to buy weather protection for a playgroup.

A yurt offers weatherproof protection in all weathers and is easy to operate even with a group of children. It can be conveniently heated and cooked in an oven. Thanks to the stove, the heat is stored longer and you don't have to keep adding wood. This leaves more time for childcare.

In addition to the house, the customer had a free piece of land that they could use for the yurt. However, the place had a gradient and had to be leveled with an excavator before it was set up. Since this is a year-round installation and the yurt is used for a commercial purpose, the customer obtained a building permit from the municipality.

Usually we align the entrance to the east, but the street was there and we decided on site together with the customer, for security reasons, to align the yurt with the door to the house. For the yurt this has no influence on the statics and so a staircase leads directly to the entrance.

Since the yurt is also used for cooking and it might get too hot, the customer wanted two windows facing each other, which would provide the necessary draft if necessary. We have also equipped the chimney roof with a cable pull so that it can be opened more quickly.

Information about the customer

A forest playgroup is being created close by, which enables children to explore nature in all its diversity. They deal with the four seasons and what a wide range of material nature offers to play with. It is sung, told and discovered.

It's nice when children can still get dirty and can eat lunch, lunch or dinner around a fire.

More about the customer


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