Three tipis on the lake | 95

Three tipis on Lake Maggiore for Camping Miralago.

Location Tenero TI
Customer Camping Miralago
Date Summer 2014 / 15
occasion Recreational, playground
Key data three tipis 5-6m

Our contribution

Camping Miralago in Tenero wanted three tipis on a wonderful meadow directly on the shore of Lake Maggiore, with a fantastic view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Originally, they wanted to leave the tipis on the square all year round. However, due to the exposed location and above all because of the threatening, rising water level, it was not advisable.

As beautiful as this place by the water is, you have to be aware that the weathering process starts earlier due to the existing moisture and the natural materials in such a location more Care need.

At the end of May 2014 the three tipis were set up for the first time and then towered proudly into the sky in front of the lake. They added a fireplace to the small “tipi village” and the place offered the guests an unforgettable experience.

Before the wet and humid autumn phase, we dismantled the «Tipi village» and stored it over the winter. Fortunately, in November there were major floods in this area! In April 2015 the tipis were rebuilt by us for the summer season.

During the 2015 summer vacation we had a job nearby and spontaneously decided to stay at the campsite in Tenero. However, it was filled to the last place this weekend! So we just went to have a look at the tipis.


The smoke flap rods were partially unthreaded and a few needles were missing, and the anchor ropes had come loose and had to be retightened. We met the customer on the square and luckily we were able to replace the material he needed straight away. Since the tipis are only intended for play and not as accommodation, we decided to open the door completely below so that guests could get in and out more easily.

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Information about the customer

Camping Miralago is a family-friendly campsite with a wide range of leisure and sports activities. It is open all year round and is located on the shores of Lake Maggiore on a beautiful sandy beach.


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