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Impressive experiences in nature. A piece of wilderness nearby.

Place Flaach ZH
Customer Nature Center Thurauen
Date 2011
occasion Restaurant / event tent
Key data Chapiteau 10m

Our contribution

In spring 2011, in connection with the renaturalization of the Thur, which the foundation Paneco was implemented, a project for a new restaurant was realized. In Flaach, directly on the Rhine, an information nature center was to be built in addition to the restaurant, the swimming pool and the camping site, which was related to the renaturalization of the Thur. However, due to the construction, the restaurant could only be opened in August. The customer was therefore looking to start with a temporary solution after Easter in order to develop a suitable offer step by step. Since our tents can be used in a variety of ways, it was also intended to be used after the temporary arrangement, e.g. as an event tent. In the end, a 10m big top with an orange finish was ordered from our Sunbrella material. In April we set up the big top on a solid gravel place. For now we only used two walls to ensure a view of the beautiful wild nature through the half-open room.


Information about the Nature Center Thurauen

The Thurauen between Eggrank and Thurmündung are the largest alluvial area of ​​the Swiss Mittelland. However, it is not the size alone that makes this area unique, but above all the diverse flora and fauna - and the renaturation.

In the Thurauen each of 50 bird and butterfly species live, they are the main spawning areas of the deciduous and jumping frog and provide several beaver families a home. In the plants, especially the imposing white willows, the various orchids or the fringed gentian stand in the eye. This biodiversity is due to a variety of different habitats in a confined space. A characteristic of the flood plain.

The renaturation restored the dynamics of the Thur in the estuarine area. This means that the river can use its own power to shape the landscape and flooding the floodplain regularly. In addition, new pools were created and old arms dredged. A part of the forest was eliminated as a forest reserve and is now left to itself. In contrast, the open structure is carefully maintained in the light forest. Thanks to these measures, the rare species are specifically promoted so that they can build up stable populations. However, species also return to the Thurauen, which had already disappeared, for example the little ringed plover.

Man also benefits from the renaturation. Ellikon am Rhein and the Flaacherfeld are now better protected against floods and visitors can expect a small piece of wilderness in the middle of the wine country. Attractive facilities such as the observation tower or the nature center offer you completely new ways to explore the Thurauen.

Which Nature Center Thurauen


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