A yurt dream comes true | 120

«A yurt as a relaxation oasis with a view of the Alps.»

Town Switzerland
Customer Private
Date(s) June 2017
occasion Weekend Accommodation
Key data Yurt 6m with insulation and glass dome

The tent story

Sometimes it takes a dream, luck and a bit of courage to find their own yurt site. A sympathetic young woman shows us that it is possible! We are pleased to be able to tell such a wonderful tent story.

In January, we lit our exhibition yurts and received a young prospect for a Wohnjurte. She did not have a parking space but a dream of a yurt as a personal retreat. It takes barely half a year and the customer contacted us again. After she had migrated to the Appenzell hills, she found a nice peasant family. A wonderful patch of land, away from the farm was offered to her as a parking space.

She ordered an insulated 6m yurt with glass dome. The wooden floor was designed by a carpenter and then built from elements together with her. She got the stove with her «La nordica», A special model with a hob and a built-in small oven.

When setting up, she told us that she can get fresh water from a nearby stable and will soon be building a compost toilet herself. It takes a bit of luck to find such a dream location! We like it very much and hope there are many more people who will be able to do this.


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