A potlach tipi as a community tent | 141

Place Four-man field Bern
Customer salvation army
Date Spring 2023
occasion Common room
Key data 1x 8m teepee

The tent story

The Salvation Army wanted a tipi for the Ukrainian refugees on the site of the temporary accommodation in Viererfeld near Bern. The tipi should serve as a meeting place for the families so that they can sit together around the fire and exchange ideas. Originally, two 8m tipis had been planned, but after the construction of the first tipi, they realized how big such an 8m tipi is and that it is completely sufficient for their purposes. In addition, there was still some budget left over to create a meeting place for the older generation.

We are happy to support social projects and are happy when our natural tents are used for this. Many thanks from our side for the active support during the construction!

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