A tepee stands in the woods | 103


A tepee stands in the woods, very still and silent.

Location Agrano IT
Customer Private
Date 2009 – 2015
occasion Resort, lounge
Key data Group tipi 6m

Our contribution

In winter 2009 the customer came to our exhibition and then bought a 6m tipi and 2 baking rests. The customer owns a large piece of land in Italy near Lake Orta, on which he wanted to set up a tipi for private purposes. We took over the transport of the bars to Italy. But at the Italian customs they didn't let us cross the border! The regulations for excess length were not like in Switzerland and unfortunately the poles had to be shortened by a full meter. After that we were able to continue without any problems. After it was set up, we stayed there for a few more days and really enjoyed lingering in this beautiful place.

After 6 years of permanent use without maintenance and with a location in the middle of the forest, the cover was due! The fabric had become gray and brittle. The pegs and needles were all rotten and needed to be replaced as well.

For a permanent outdoor use, depending on the location, one Cleaning and Care the cover is necessary after at least 2 years. The pegs and needles should also be checked regularly and replaced if necessary.

The customer ordered a new one from us Tipi cover made of tent fabric «Premium» and we take the opportunity for a little weekend trip to Italy.

In one afternoon we completely dismantled the old tepee with the new cover. The poles were still in very good condition and could be used again for the construction. We stayed overnight and a cozy working fire ended in a tepee.


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