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Two Zeltwelt Yurts traveled to Spain.

Place Spain
Customer Private
Date Spring 2015
occasion holiday
Key data 2x yurt 5m out Tent fabric «Premium»

Our contribution

A Swiss couple wanted an alternative holiday accommodation for their property in Spain, for their private guests.

We put together two individual yurts based on your needs. In order to include the beautiful surroundings, two fabric windows were built into the side walls and wide doors with windows. The mixed fabric, with its fire-retardant finish and additional UV protection, was ideal for this use in the cooler winter months and also in the hot, sunny climate. The yurts can be heated and each required a fireplace socket.

Since we do not deliver abroad, the customers organized the transport and with the help of our construction film they built the yurt itself. The yurts are now in Spain and were rented for the first time in autumn 2015. We are looking forward to the feedback!

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Feedback from the customer

"Now we're back from Spain and we were able to sleep in the yurt ourselves. Super enjoyable! »
Source: Customer

They had the floor of the yurt made on site. A concrete floor serves as the foundation and a beautiful wooden floor was laid on top. Because of the strong wind in Spain, they also secured the yurts with iron dowels in the concrete foundation and so that the yurt does not slip on the smooth wooden floor, they also attached the concertina bars inside Fixierhölzern.

 As a windbreak, they built a wall on one side that can also be used as a comfortable seat.

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