A yurt as a classroom | 101

A heated yurt becomes an alternative place of learning as a classroom.

Place Winterthur ZH
Customer School alternative SalZH
Date October 2014
occasion classroom
Key data Yurt 6m

Our contribution

In April 2014 we had a whole group of teachers visiting the exhibition. They were interested in a teepee in their playground. But when they saw the yurt, all the teachers were very impressed by it and it seemed as if they would easily overrule the only male guest who was more in favor of the tipi. The advantage of having an additional training room with a yurt was also convincing, since a construction project was still pending in 2014, which would suit them due to the spatial bottleneck. A yurt with a diameter of 6m was definitely ordered in August.

Zeltwelt likes to support projects for schools and other social institutions. We think it is important that children are brought closer to nature again, and we think it is great when our natural tents are involved in this process.

A yurt had many advantages in her case. With the same footprint, the space of a yurt is more spacious than that of a tipi and offers a few more seats due to the straight walls. A yurt can easily be heated with a stove and is easier to maintain with a school class. An open fire requires constant refilling of wood and requires more attention from the person taking care of it in order to control the fire and smoke. With a yurt one heats up and can then concentrate on the class and the children for a full lesson.

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Information about the customer

The SalZH - School Alternative Zurich - is organized as a non-profit, non-denominational and politically neutral foundation. The foundation was established in 2001 and is under the legal supervision of the Winterthur District Council. The foundation does not pursue any commercial purposes and does not seek any profit. In addition to running the daycare school, the foundation creates further training opportunities for teachers and is involved in education through various offers for parents.  

Private schools that, like SalZH, teach in the context of compulsory schooling do not receive any support from the public sector. The school fees must be paid in full by the parents. In order to enable as many children as possible to attend the SalZH, the school fees are set lower and must therefore be sponsored accordingly. The teachers already make their contribution with lower wages and students and employees are involved in financial support with various activities such as with a sponsored run at the school festival.

Source: SalZH

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