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At the trout lake in Zweisimmen you can enjoy a wonderful view of the surrounding nature from a yurt pavilion.

Location Zweisimmen BE
Customer Lake Restaurant Forellensee
Date May 2015
occasion Event and Gastro tent
Key data Yurt 9m, custom made

Our contribution

The customer approached us with a precise idea and presented us with certain challenges that we had to master. He wanted a yurt with a window front facing the lake so that the guests could enjoy the beautiful view of the lake. In addition, a terrace should be created around the yurt, on which the guests can sit outside in summer.

We do not see such a big project every day and it's a nice opportunity for us to show what capable people are behind our production and what can be done with a yurt.

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With normal windows, guests were denied access to the terrace through the concertina gate and only with a second door the exit to the terrace would have been a bit tight. We therefore developed extra double casement windows for this purpose and combined these with two French windows on the side. In good weather, a large part of the window front can be opened from the inside and outside.

The biggest challenge was to develop the frame for the one-sided window front. Normally, doors and French windows are framed in a straight frame and the roof rays are lengthened accordingly. Here the entire upper part of the frame was made round. The roof rays have the same length and the same distance from the concertina. The weight of the roof is distributed more evenly and the stability is increased.

Another topic was the snow conditions in Zweisimmen. The restaurant is open 365 days a year. In order to relieve the roof and the crown, we built in four fixed supports. They also form the boundary to the fire bowl, which is placed in the center and gives the guests the necessary warmth in winter.

The whole yurt was adapted to the new shape down to the smallest detail and tailored to the needs of the customer. With such a large project, there is always a test setup in production beforehand. This means that minor corrections can be made on site. This enables us to ensure that the pitch is set up properly and quickly.

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Text and pictures of the customer

"In search of a really special" dwelling "for our events at the Forellensee in Zweisimmen, we set challenging conditions. It should create an event space that fits organically and close to nature in our beautiful Obersimmentaler lake and natural landscape, a homely feeling at the sight spreads and inviting. 

In addition, the room had to be heatable, multifunctional and relocatable. Because in 2-3 years this space will be relegated to the island! It should only consist of natural materials, but still had to be weatherproof and winterproof. 

Only those who look will find ...

But what, who and how? Apparently not so easy ... From winter gardens with window fronts, over tepee to Chapiteau, finally to JURTE. There she stood; a yurt on the "Rocher de Naye" over Montreux. The "what" was ticked off. But still "who" and "how"?

When researching fabric manufacturers from France, about dealers without competencies (of whatever kind) continue to ZELTWELT! The name says it all! Philosophy, appearance and message ?! Coherent, uncomplicated on the first phone already by YOU and apparently at any time of the day or night with e-mail responses.

The "how" should - I feared - these people from Zeltwelt probably pull out the last nerve - demand everything, far from it. We clarify this with our production department, came the interim answer. The positive decision came the next day. So get an offer - check - adjust - delivery confirmation - order - deposit. Then delivery on time - set up within a day with five great employees!

Wonderful ... Tomas, his wife and Selina simply pulled out all the stops and we were completely satisfied. Thank you very much for the amazing service! "

Source: Customer

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