A completely isolated yurt | 105


A completely isolated yurt for seminars.

Location SO
Customer Private
Date April 2015
occasion conference room
Key data Yurt 7m, with isolation

Our contribution

The customer has long had tipis of us and now wanted to buy a yurt as a seminar room. The farm is on almost 800 müM. and the yurt should therefore be completely isolated. The floor was also ordered with insulation.

As can be seen well in the picture above, the natural ground had a slight incline that was almost invisible to the naked eye. To balance the ground, we built a lot of material! Luckily there were plenty of bars and bars in the yard and in half a day we had our foundation ready. When building a wooden floor, minor bumps can be compensated, but many underestimate a slight slope.

The wool fleece, which serves as insulation, makes the interior a little dark. The customer wanted a light source, a glass dome enclosed in the crown and a French window on the opposite side of the door. This is a nice solution, but the chimney holder can no longer be installed in the crown, but is laterally fitted laterally into the side wall.

This is a nice example of a completely isolated yurt!


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