An unforgettable wedding night | 66

A wedding night right on the banks of the Rhine. You will never forget it!

Location Werd Island, Eschenz TG
Customer Bride and groom
Date May 2006
occasion wedding-night
Key data Knight's tent Herold 4.5mx 4.5m

Our contribution

friends of Zeltwelt contacted us because they wanted to offer a befriended bride and groom a special surprise. On the island of Werd, in the Untersee, a tent with a view of the Rhine should be ready for the wedding night for the newly wed couple. The island of Werd is inhabited by the Franciscan monks and is usually only open to day visitors. To match the surroundings and the occasion, we put a white tent of the type Herald to disposal. The establishment was organized by close friends of the couple.

Thanks to good relationships so could Zeltwelt help the newly wed couple to an unforgettable wedding night.

More information about the tent

Information about the island Werd

"The Franciscans and the Island of Werd"

The Franciscans have been on the island since 1957. The island of Werd is a popular destination for young and old: families, youth groups, religious communities and day-trippers often visit the island. Our brothers are happy to tell you something about their Franciscan life, about the creation of the little pilgrimage island or about St. Otmar. Brothers who are familiar with the area are not always present or available, so we ask you to make an appointment.

Which Franciscan

note: On the island of Werd are usually no private events possible!

Link to the island

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