Adventure Yurt | 126

A yurt as a natural, sensual classroom.

Location TG
Customer Steigackerhof
Date December 2018
occasion Classroom, living space
Key data 7m yurt isolated with wooden floor

The tent story

For the Meister family and the Steigackerhof, in December 2018 we built a fully insulated yurt with a diameter of 7m. The floor was handmade by the customer himself.

In order to avoid as much moisture as possible, a ditch next to the yurt was taken into account, which they filled up with coarse gravel. So the water runs better and protects the outer shell. The interior has been furnished with great attention to detail. They have even painted our normal silver chimney frame retro style with black matt oven color, so that it also fits the old wood stove.

The yurt is used as a classroom and lounge on the organic farm. In the house was simply too little space for larger classes and the yurt thus creates a demarcation to the private living area. The Steigackerhof offers for play groups, kindergartens, school classes, associations and other interested groups, practical, age-appropriate education about the diverse, biological, holistic form of agriculture. The goal is to experience the organic farm while learning something for life.

The organic farm is run with love and passion. In a small shop you can also stock up on fresh vegetables, fine fruits and meat from our own production.



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