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On a beautiful south-facing hillside above Bolzano, a long-standing customer, a gallery project with Shona, supports figures from African artists in Zimbabwe.

Place Appiano / Appiano IT
Customer Private citizen
Date Since September 2005
occasion African Spirits garden exhibition
Key data Chapiteau, yurts, shelters, tarps

Our contribution

Since 2005 we support with our tents a gallery garden with African art from Zimbabwe, a good friend of Zeltwelt had launched. A beautiful art garden is nestled high up on a southern slope between vines. You can discover large and small sculptures everywhere, beautifully presented in the grass or on plinths. We built a yurt and a big top on two wooden terraces with a view of the distance and the valley. We couldn't present our tents more beautifully!

In the beautiful garden, round tents and later also yurts served as overnight accommodation for guests from near and far, or they were both living and working space for the invited artists for several weeks. The shelters, sails and colorful tarps fit wonderfully into the garden and provided a shelter for events. The inauguration ceremony took place in 2006 and was a great success! The Africa project could be moved on.

For the next few years we accompanied our tents, erected or dismantled them on site. Most of the time we combine it with a weekend and spend the night ourselves in our tents in this wonderful place.

In 2008 we also delivered a 7m yurt with an oven and door so that winter guests could also be received. The yurt was suitably furnished with great taste in the Mongolian style.

In 2010 we set up two yurts and a shelter for an upcoming project. African artists worked in the garden for several weeks that summer and lived in the yurts. The shelter served as a workshop and work space for the artists.


Information about the project

«Everything living has a soul. Listen to things more often than to beings. The voice of the fire spreads, listen to the voice of the water and through the wind, the sobbing of the bush, that is the breath of the ancestors. There is the spirit of the river, the spirit of the mountains and the spirit of the animals, the water and the ancestors. The spirit is everywhere ».

Source African Spirits 

Link to the PROJECT

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