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Because of the smoking ban in the restaurants, a solution for the bitter cold winter was found in the Hotel Solaria.

Location Bivio
Customer Hotel Solaria
Date December 2008
occasion As smoker tipi for hotel guests
Key data Lagertipi 7m with open hearth

Our contribution

In December 2008 we received a request from Hotel Solaria for a 7m tipi. Because of the upcoming ban on smoking in closed rooms, they were looking for an alternative as a lounge for the smoking guests. In winter it gets bitterly cold in Bivio and it is unreasonable for the guests to have to stay outside. They therefore wanted a tent with a heating facility. A tipi with the option of an open fire seemed just right for their terrace. The space available only allowed a 6m tipi. Shortly before the New Year, the tipi was delivered and set up by us.

The tipi is now available to guests as a smoking tent and you can linger comfortably and smoking by the open, warm fireplace.

In October 2009, the customer rebuilt the tepee himself on the basis of our instructions for the winter season.


Information about the customer

Bivio, the “pearl on the Julier”, 1769 meters above sea level, is the starting point for active experience and enjoyment in the great outdoors, in the midst of untouched mountains, for twelve months of the year. Here in Bivio you will find rest and relaxation for body and soul - summer and winter.
With our experience offers, we want to create exciting, enjoyable, but also relaxing moments for all of our guests - whether old or young.
Let yourself be inspired by the charm of our village, the impressive alpine backdrop, and the cozy atmosphere of our house. Treat yourself to carefree and enjoyable days, a piece of ideal world away from everyday life and hectic. We warmly welcome you and look forward to pampering you.
Giancarlo and Genny Torriani

Source Hotel Solaria


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