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Be inspired by how a yurt can be used as a living space.

Location Naters VS
Customer Private citizen
Date 2013
occasion Living space
Key data Yurt 5m

Our contribution

In March 2013 we were asked for a yurt. The customer had already had experience with teepees but wanted a little more comfort as a living space for the harsh winter months. For the yurt, he independently built a raised wooden floor.

It was important to him that he could heat the yurt with a stove. With our chimney sockets, a stove can easily be placed in the middle between the supports. All he needed was a small wood stove and a chimney pipe. At his request, we sent him a felt dress for isolation in November.

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Information about the customer

In March 2013 R. decided to buy a yurt from us and live in it. He set them up in his garden and furnished his yurt in style. The matching and very tasteful furnishings give the room a wonderful atmosphere. The customer reports regularly about his experiences and exchanges with us about life in a yurt. We benefit from his experience and are inspired by it.

News from Naters after 30 hours of continuous rain: (Autumn 2013)

«Hello Tomas, the yurt did not let in a drop of water during this period. It's a nice waking up in the yurt in the morning; the moving sun always paints new tribals on the tarpaulin; the rain beats the beat; the wind plays the bass on the tarpaulin. "

Source R.

The pictures he sends us impress us again and again and his feedback on living in a yurt allows us to “get our finger on the pulse”. Thank you!

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