Kinderparadies and Winterland Auarara | 51

Playfully learn to ski in the children's paradise Auarara. A great experience for the little ones.

Location Lenzerheide
Customer Swiss ski school
Date December 2008
occasion Kinderland Auarara
Key data Group tipi 6m

Our contribution

In the winter 2008 we were asked by the mountain railway Lenzerheide for a 6m tepee. They wanted to upgrade the Kinderland Auarara with a tepee. For such a winter use we offered them a teepee from our extra strong tent fabric.

Since the tepee was intended for the current winter season, it had to be built on the existing snow. A snow groomer had prepared the construction area and rolled it flat. Fortunately, the snow layer was not too thick and we simply used longer pegs for anchoring. Normally, when the ground is under the snow, it does not freeze very quickly and the herring could easily be smashed into the ground underneath.

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Information about the customer

In the Lenzerheide is generally offered a lot for children. In winter, there are three different children's paradises with varied attractions for the little ones. You will be taught skiing there with lots of fun in a playful way.

Theme Days, such as the Indian Day, support this versatile program and for this purpose, a teepee was ordered from us for the Kinderland Auarara.

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